The Ramaker Story

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Henry & Eve Ramaker immigrated from Holland 2 weeks after they were married. They landed in Montreal where they stayed for 1 year and then moved to St. Catharines. Henry began his retail career at Dominion Grocery Store where he worked his way up from box boy to eventually store manager. Henry was with the company for 16 years in total, all the while wanting to be his own boss someday.
Finally, in 1975, he learned that the dutch store on Vine St. in St. Catharines was for sale. Mom &
dad sat my brothers and me down and asked if this is something that we would also like to do. Of course, we as kids loved the idea! Who wouldn’t? All of the dutch goodies that we had grown up with at our fingertips…available to us at any time.
Ramaker’s Imports was born in October of 1975. This was a family-owned and operated
business. Henry ran his business with his whole heart and soul, treating all of his customers like family. And most of them are still shopping here today. He instilled a work ethic in us that goes on today…45 years later. In 1985 Ramakers moved to its location of 579 Ontario St. in St. Catharines, where we are to this day.
There have been many changes over the years, but we are still a family run business with me,
Linde and husband Ernie in ownership and Henry Jr and wife Lisa giving it there all. We also have long time employees all the while having fun and lots of laughs along the way.
We hope to be here for many more years to continue serving our customers in the ways that
our father has taught us! Come in for a visit… tell a few stories… sign our guest book and make our day!
- Linde Ramaker-Hildebrand

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  • Hello, Your family’s story sounds a bit similar to my husband’s family story. Thank you for telling your family’s tale—we all came from somewhere.
    We are re-doing our kitchen — I am looking for the lovely lace valences that I’ve seen at my Mother-in-laws and in Holland. Do you carry this product or know where I could purchase some?

    Carey Thomas Groot on

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