Minyak Kutus Kutus Oil 100ml

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Minyak Kutus Kutus Oil is a traditional Indonesian holistic plant oil. It is designed for rubbing or massaging all over the body, daily or as needed. This oil can effectively relieve muscle and joint pain, skin problems, redness, inflammation, as well as chronic impairments like psoriasis.


Carnation, Lime, Nutmeg, Nutmeg, Dark Wood Oil, Cananga Flower, Panda Leaf, Galangal, Vetiver, Cempaka Flower, Frangipani Flower, Betel Leaf, White Fennel, Indian Cardamom, Ginseng, Tumueric Leaf, Ashitaba Leaf, Neem Leaf, Purwoceng, Temulawak, Star Anise, Pule, Gaharu, Indi Ginger, lemongrass. AS, Lavender, Cinnamon, Cadamon, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus Oil, Fennel, Turmeric